Asia Review Vol.12 | No.3 | 2022

 Asia Review Vol.12 | No.3 | 2022

Globalization, Migration and Asian Identity

Introduction: Globalization, Migration and Asian Identity | Suhong Chae 

The Industrialization of Post-socialist Vietnam and East Asian Regional Identity | Suhong Chae 

Migration of South Asians to the Gulf Region and Immigration Policy in the Gulf Countries: Focused on the Migration of Kerala in India to the United Arab Emirates | Kyunghak Kim 

Transnational Network and Identity of Bukharan Jews: Focusing on Analysis of Diasporic Media | A-young Choi 

‘The Third-Opening of Japan’ for Revival and a Global Nihonjinron: A Critical Review of Internationalized Person and Global Talent Projects | Kyungmin Park 


Free Themes

An Analysis on Industry Diversification Patterns of Emerging and Developing Economies in East Asia | WonSub Eum, Jeong-Dong Lee, Yunyoung Kim, Kiyoon Shin, and TaeWon Kang 

The Repatriation of Koreans in Japan to North Korea and U.S. Policy: Focusing on the North Korea-Japan Red Cross Geneva Talks in 1959 | Yeorin Kang 

The Art of Meaning and Stroke: Visual Cultural Characteristics of North Korean Calligraphy Letter Style | Mihye Kim and Minsoo Kim 

New Strategy Network of China-ASEAN Tourism Cooperation: Change and Response of South Korea’s Tourism Industry After COVID-19 | Hyeyoung Jung 

Discourses of the Southeast Asian Studies’ Identity and Sustainability | Sinae Hyun 

Korean Migration to French Indochina in the First Half of the 20th Century: A Case Study of Jeon’s Family | Dae-yeong Youn 

Nationalism as a Primary Institution in Northeast Asia | Sean O’Malley 

Path Dependence of Vietnam’s Regional Development: Roots from the Colonial Rule | Nguyen Thi Ha 

Conceptualizing Education within a Thai Refugee Camp Based on a ‘for Them’ and a ‘by Them’ Paradigm | Subin Sarah Yeo 

The Philippine Pivot to China and Russia: Duterte’s Foreign Policy Revisited | Fernan Talamayan 

The Plight of Rohingya Refugees in India: Living in Denial | Monika Verma 


Book Reviews

Saving Liberalism in East Asia over Recent 100 Years: Conceptual Analysis and Intellectual Historical Perspectives A Review on The Concept of Liberalism in East Asia, 1850–1950 | Ilmo Yang 

Between the Empire without Imperialism and the Imperialism without Empire A Review on The Discourse of Imperialism and East Asian Modernity: In Search of the Political Unconsciousness of Modern China | Youngdo Yun 

From an Agency of Modernization to a Model of Democracy: A Review on Islam and Democracy: Democratic Traditions of an Indonesian Islamic Organization, Muhammadiyah | Jeseong Jeon 

Beyond Distorted Discourse to Hinduism in Korea A Review on History of Hindu Religion: A Further Study by Historical Research | Jaesook Lee