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Asia Regional Information Center

#Asia Regional Information  #Country Report  #Data Service  #Comparative Studies  #Cultural Intelligence

The Asia Regional Information Center (ARIC) aims to establish comprehensive database based on statistical analysis of qualitative/quantitative data of individual countries & regions in Asia, in response to the social needs of present national and regional information. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to developing cultural intelligence competence by creating an integrated information platform for sharing various information and data, attributed by ARIC’s versions of country reports and data modules.

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • Development of ARIC Country Reports: Combining regional knowledge from local experts and various indices of international organizations, regularly updating to accumulate timely information
  • Establishment of Statistical Database and Analysis Procedure: Data collection of current information from Asian countries, structural design of database, data modulation using statistical programs
  • Provision of Data Service: Providing country reports, analysis on timely issues and on-demand data service through our website
  • Expansion of Cooperation within and out of SNU: Inner-SNU cooperation for Pan-SNU Country Reports, international cooperation with IOs for information platform
  • Construction of Data Hub customized for Asia Regional Research: Developing cultural intelligence competence to better understand different cultures and to promote cultural & academic exchanges



Kilkon Ko | Director | | Public Administration | Policy analysis, Policy evaluation, Data analytics, Comparative studies

Jungwon Huh | HK Research Professor | | Social Welfare | Mobility and transnationalism, Inequality, Evidence-based practice, Data visualization and story-telling, Data Science