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Civil Society and NGOs Program

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The Civil Society and NGOs Program (CSP) aims to provide in-depth comparisons and analyses of changes in civil societies of major countries in East Asia including Korea as its area of focus. Major research areas are environment, human rights and social economy, with key topics being ‘regional development and governance’, ‘migration and multi-culture’, and ‘community and alliance’, respectively. The program carried out research in various topics in order to examine how Asian civil societies are adapting to and changing according to the process of globalization. To check on the changes of Korean civil society, the program built a nationwide NGO database for the first time in Korea as a topographical analysis of civil society.

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • Research on the topography of Korean civil society: Conducted a survey on organizations registered on the conspectus of NGOs and non-profit NGOs for fundamental statistics based on their aims and primary activities. Planning for publication
  • Construction of fundamental database for civil society organizations: Analyzed NGOs in Asia that have acquired a ‘consultative status’ from UN ECOSOC. Produced reports of basic information and statistical data
  • Comparative research on corporate social responsibility: Conducted “Corporate Social Responsibility in Regional Community: Korea and Japan” for two years and incited collaborative research participation of scholars from both countries
  • Establishment of network for East Asian civil society research: Expanded the scope of the annual joint international conference of Korea-Japan Political Thought Association to East Asia. Planning to hold various academic conferences


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Hyun-Chin Lim | Director | | Political Sociology | Civil society, Social economy

Jinhee Kim | Co-Researcher | | Education Development and Cooperation | Human rights, Multi-culturalism, Governance

Suk-Ki Kong | Co-Researcher | | Political Sociology | Civil society, Social economy

Taekyoon Kim | Co-Researcher | | International Relations | Regional development/governance, Civil society

Youngchoon Kim | Co-Researcher | | Organizational Sociology | Social economy, CSR