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Southeast Asia Center

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The Southeast Asia Center (SEAC) was established in 2012 as an answer to the socioeconomic and cultural interest toward Southeast Asia. SEAC has since become the core of Korea’s Southeast Asian area studies by providing expert insight and disseminating meaningful data. SEAC’s researchers have conducted multiple comprehensive studies on the Southeast Asian region, established strong networks with other Southeast Asian regional research institutes both domestic and abroad, and provided Open Lectures to continuously promote Southeast Asian studies to the public.

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • Studies on Islamic finance: Conducted <Is Islamic Finance an Alternative to Conventional Finance? Principles and Practices of Islamic Finance in Southeast Asia>, selected as a 2018 General Joint Research Project by National Research Foundation
  • Research on rising regions: Focused on the dynamic changes and potentials for growth of rising ASEAN countries after launching of the ASEAN community
  • Southeast Asian regional knowledge proliferation project: Hosted invitational expert lectures and provided Open Lectures on Southeast Asia
  • Academic activities: Published issue papers and policy reports for enhancing understanding of the region


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Suhong Chae | Director | | Anthropology | Vietnam,
Multinational corporations, Industrial relations

Kyunghee Choi | HK Research Professor | | Political Science | Indonesian regional studies, ASEAN community and Korea-ASEAN relation studies, Southeast Asian Islam and the political economy of Islamic finances

Byeongho Kim | Researcher | | Middle Eastern Area Studies | Islamic finance, Middle Eastern economics

Choonglyol Lee | Researcher | | Economics | Macroeconomics, Monetary finance theory, Econometrics

Hyungjun Kim | Researcher | | Cultural Anthropology | Indonesia, Islamic finance, Rural area studies

Hyunjung Chae | Researcher | | Anthropology | Thailand, Border area studies, Ethnographic study of corporations

Jihyouk Lee | Researcher | | International Area Studies | Cultural conflicts between Indonesia and Malaysia, Indonesian consumer culture

Sunho Lee | Researcher | | Macroeconomics | Islamic finance, East Asian economic development