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Northeast Asia Center

#Cold War and Peace in East Asia  #Trans-Borders and Frontiers  #Asia Tourism  #Asiaization of Asia  #Geoeconomics

The Northeast Asia Center (NEAC) has accumulated academic capacities around themes related to the Northeast Asian region such as the Cold War
and post-Cold War, borders and minorities, cultural heritage and geographical imagination, and division and the North Korean problem, and has constructed research networks at home and abroad. As a central unit of consilient research combining the region and themes in Northeast Asia including North and South Koreas, China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, NEAC has played a leading role in studying East Asian trans-borders and frontiers, Asia tourism, and conflicts and peace in the Korean peninsula and East Asia. Further, NEAC contributes to strengthening common research capacities through academic consilience by serving as a hub of communication and cooperation among Asia-related research institutes in SNU.

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • Conflicts and peace in North and South Koreas and East Asia: Studying the changes in world order and seeking solidarity and cooperation in Northeast Asia
  • Trans-borders and frontiers of East Asia: Studying the solution of Cold War order and seeking a new East Asian order
  • Asia Tourism: Investigating sociocultural meaning of tourism and the composition of East Asian tourism through travelling and exchanges
  • Asiaization of Asia: Seeking systematic Asian studies in the process of regional exchanges and integration with Asia as the unit of analysis
  • Changes in the geoeconomic dynamics of Asia: Participating as a member of the Council of Asia Regional Research Institutes at Seoul National University (CARISNU) and supporting the
    council’s activities


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Keun-Sik Jung | Director | | Sociology | Historical sociology, Cultural sociology, Sociology of body

Jongseok Yoon | HK Research Professor | | Sociology | Migration and citizenship, Social transformation, Political sociology, Historical sociology, Industry and labor relations, Developmentalism and political economy

InHwa Kang | Visiting Fellow | | Sociology | Historical sociology, Sociology of gender, Political sociology, Social movement

JaeHyung Kim | Visiting Fellow | | Sociology | Medical sociology, Historical sociology, Sociology of law, Social movement and human rights in East Asia, Institutionalization, Eugenics, Racism, Vagrancy

Soon-Jick Hong | Visiting Fellow | | Economics | Economic cooperation/unification between South and North Korea