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Asian Developmental Model Program

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Asian Developmental Model Program aims to analyze the specificity and diversity of the Asian capitalist system theoretically and empirically and to classify sustainable Asian developmental models based on the analysis. To do so, the program discusses the common institution and culture of Asian capitalism and classifies the diversity of Asian capitalism by comparatively analyzing various industries in terms of corporate governance, intercorporate relations, labor, finances, welfare and global value chains. The program seeks to suggest a sustainable Asian developmental model by setting the regional commonality of Asian capitalism and a synthesized framework that includes the diversity of countries within the region.

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • Studies on the common characteristics of Asian capitalism in a globalized age: Political systems and economic growth; state-led capitalism; Confucianism
  • Theoretical studies on the diversity of Asian capitalism: Comparative study of institutionalism; relationships between state and market, state and society
  • Empirical studies on the diversity of Asian capitalism: Corporate governance; intercorporate relations; technological innovation; corporate culture; labor system; financial system; welfare system; global value chains (textile industry, automobile industry, electronic industry, semiconductors, etc.)
  • Presenting an Asian capitalist developmental model: Presenting a synthesized framework by categorizing diverse types of Asian capitalism



Haeran Lim | Director | | Comparative Politics | Political Economy of East Asia

Hyun-Chin Lim | Co-Researcher | | Political Sociology | Sociology of Development, Global Civil Society, Comparative Sociology, and Social Economy

Ik Ki Kim | Co-Researcher | | Demography | Ageing Population, Urban Sociology, Korean Wave, and Cultural Comparison of Korea, China and Japan

Jin-Ho Jang | Co-Researcher | | Sociology | Social Development, Democracy, Financialization, and Neoliberalism

Jonghoe Yang | Co-Researcher | | Development and Change | Sociology of Culture and Arts, and Middle Class

Suk-Ki Kong | Co-Researcher | | Political Sociology | Global Civil Society | Social Movement

Suk-Man Hwang | Co-Researcher | | Sociology | Sociology of Development, and Sociology of Labor

Wang Hwi Lee | Co-Researcher | | International Relations | International Political Economy