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Vietnam Center

#Korea-Vietnam Education Cooperative Project  #Local Factory Productivity  #Korea-Vietnam Joint Natural Product Research  #Capacity Building Training for Dentists  #Policy Consulting for Vietnamese Government

As Vietnam has risen as an important partner for Korea in various aspects such as economy, society, and culture, SNU operates many education and research cooperation projects related to Vietnam. The Vietnam Center seeks to function as an important fundament of SNU’s education and research cooperation projects for Vietnam and as a hub for exchanges and cooperation on and off campus. The Vietnam Center will accumulate the research results and information on Vietnam and actively participate in research and exchange projects sponsored by state institutions and the private sector.

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • Pursuing education and research cooperative projects with Vietnam National University and Foreign Trade University
  • Providing consultation for governmental policy related to Vietnamese population and development, publishing monographs and studying the productivity of Korean companies’ local factories in Vietnam
  • Conducting Korea-Vietnam joint-research on natural products, establishing ‘Korea-Vietnam Collaborative Research Institute on Natural Products’ and carrying out cooperative projects
  • Providing clinical capability training for dentists in Ho Chi Minh City (to join KOICA project)
  • Conducting projects associated with UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, <Quan Họ folk songs>, and overseas projects on Vietnamese musi



Jae-Young Kim | Director | | Economics | Vietnamese economy

Hyun-Jeong Kim | Co-Researcher | | Dental Anesthesiology | Dental medicine and oral health

Jeong Hill Park | Co-Researcher | | Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Analysis | Pharmaceutics and health

Min Gyo Koo | Co-Researcher | | Political Science | Politics and public administration

Sngkn Kim | Co-Researcher | | Korean Music Composition | Culture and society

Suhong Chae | Co-Researcher | | Cultural Anthropology | Society and culture

Su Jung Choi | Co-Researcher | | Vocational Education | Agricultural industry

Youngtae Cho | Co-Researcher | | Demography | Demographics and healthcare