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Latest Issue

  Asia Review Vol. 13 | No. 3 | 2023

The Dynamics and Diversity of Hallyu in Asia
Introduction: The Dynamics and Diversity of Hallyu in Asia | Seok-Kyeong Hong
Meta-Analysis of Domestic Studies on Hallyu in Asia | Sojeong Park
K-Culture in Japan in Process of Post-Korean Wave: From Cultural Acceptance to Cultural
Convergence | Kyu Heon Cho
Indonesia’s Acceptance of Korean Wave and Performance to Korean Wave through the Cultural
Economic Interaction of Two Countries | Kyunghee Choi
Impact of Middle Eastern Government Policy Changes on the Acceptance of Korean Wave: Focusing
on the Cases of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkey | Gi Yeon Koo, Ha-eun Han, and Soyeon Ahn

Free Themes

State-Corporate Relations beyond the Developmental State: The Taiwanese Government’s
Semiconductor Industry Strategy in the 1980s and the Founding of TSMC | Key-young Son
The Globalizing State and Inward-looking (Uchimuking) Society: Importing Cultural Diversity and a
Paradox of ‘Policy of Globalizing at Home’ of Japan | Kyungmin Park
Platform Labor as a Regional Phenomenon: The Case of Meituan Waimai | Kim Hyun Jeong and Lin
Nationalism and Cultural Identity: Unravelling Disputes over Culture Ownership between China and
South Korea | Xie Ying
A Comparative Research on Educational Differentiation of the Philippines and Vietnam | Jiin Kim and
Sung-Sang Yoo


Book Review
A Korean-style Starting Point for Reading Contemporary Chinese Politics: A Review on China, Party-
governed Country: Changes in Governance and Politics under Xi Jinping | Hong Gyoo Lee
Uncovering the Forgotten History of the North Korea-Vietnam Relations: A Review on Between Blood
Ally and Self-Interest: Pyongyang, Hanoi and the War in Vietnam | Sin Jae Lee
Searching for a New Research Methodology for International Migration in the Age of Post-COVID: A
Review on International Migration and Transnational Families in Nepal | Christian Joon Park