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Latest Issue

 Asia Review Vol.12 | No.2 | 2022

Change and Continuity of East Asian Development Model After the Global Financial Crisis
Introduction: Change and Continuity of East Asian Development Model After the Global Financial Crisis | Haeran Lim 
Continuity and Changes in the Korean Development Model since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 | Sang-Woo Yoon 
Change and Continuity of Taiwan’s Development Model after the Global Financial Crisis | Haeran Lim and Hanna Cho 
Continuity and Change in Japan’s Development Model: Dynamic Interaction between Developmentalism and Clientelism | Seungjoo Lee 
Transformation of China’s Development Model after the Global Financial Crisis: The Case of the Semiconductor Industrial Policy | Wang Hwi Lee 
Changes in Vietnam’s Development Model Since 2008: The Involution of Hybridity | Yong Kyun Kim and Jaeseok Myung 

Free Themes
Characteristics of the Concept of Mega-Asia Viewed through a Comparison with World-Systems Analysis: Coexistence of a Theoretical System and a Methodological Tool | Sung Hee Ru 
The Peculiarity of Usages of ‘Jong-Gyo (Religion)’ in Korea, 1883-1910: Rethinking the History of ‘Jong-Gyo’ Concept Formation | Hyoung-june Shim 
Formulation Process of the Local Allocation Tax System in Japan: Local Comprehensive Administration System and Local Finance Adjustment System | Gwang Soo Kang 
The History of Light and the Memory of Darkness: The ‘Negative Legacy’ of Miike Coal Mine, World Heritage Site | Yungjin Lee 
Beyond ‘Management’ and ‘Rights’ to the City: Political and Social Implications of the Beijing Worker’s House Commune | Kyu Sik Jeong 
A Comparative Study on the Commemoration of Sun Yat-sen across the Taiwan Strait after 1946 | Gu Fei 
The Subsequent History of the Remaining Force of the Mongol Empire: Guan-xi Wei-suo of the Ming Dynasty | Ju Yeon Lee 
Strategies for Overcoming Institutional Voids in BoP Market Entry: Cases in South Asia | Myung-moo Lee and Yun-Ho Kim 
The Influence of External Forces in the Dictatorship’s Regime Transition: A Comparison between Syria and Libya | Jong Chel Lee 
Impacts of the South Korea-Turkey FTA on Bilateral Trade Structure: The GVC Perspective | Si Wook Lee 

Book Review
Re-think East Asia beyond East Asia Discourse: A Review on East Asian History Manifesto | In-Soo Kim 
Thick Description of the Overseas Korean Society in Vietnam: A Review on Koreans in Vietnam: The Settlement and the Politics of Transnational Life | Han-Woo Lee