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Humanities Korea Plus (HK⁺) Mega-Asia Research Project Group

#Mega-Asia  #Comparative Asian Regional Studies  #Data Storytelling  #Consilient Humanities Social Science Research  #Fostering Asian Regional Experts

SNUAC has been selected as the project group for the overseas section of 2020 HK⁺ support project. The HK⁺ Project Group at SNUAC was launched on May 1, 2020, with the agenda of ‘Mega-Asia and Asias: Identities, Dynamics, Data-Telling’ and seeks to establish new perspective and awareness of Asia through the concept of ‘Mega-Asia’. The vision of this project is constructing a new paradigm of Asian regional studies through applications of comparative regional studies and consilient research. The project will help SNUAC make a leap as one of the world’s top three hubs in Asian studies by fostering Asian regional experts during the seven years of conducting this project.

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • Publication of ‘Mega-Asia’ series – A total of 9 books in phase 1 (3 years)
  • Construction of a knowledge-sharing platform for networking with local research institutes in Asia
  • Operation of a fostering program for Mega-Asia regional researchers and experts
  • Operation of a community humanities center


SooJin Park | Principal Investigator | | Geography | Historical development of landforms, Consilient modeling of humanities and social science, International development cooperation

Beomshik Shin | Researcher | | International Relations | IR in Eurasia, International environmental/energy politics, Comparative regional studies

Byung-Joon Kim | Researcher | | Ancient Chinese History | Formation of the East Asian Civilization, Research on Ancient States in East Asia

Jaeyeol Yee | Researcher | | Sociology | Organizations, Social networks, Sociology of disasters

Jeong-Hoon Lee | Researcher | | Modern Chinese Literature | Modern and contemporary Chinese literature and culture, Discourse of knowledge

Jong Il Kim | Researcher | | European Prehistoric Archaeology | Eurasian Civilization Exchange, Heritage Management and Public Archaeology

Kyung-Chul Jou | Researcher | | Modern Western History | Maritime history, History of civilization exchange

Oh Young Kwon | Researcher | | Ancient Korean History | Maritime Exchange in East Asia, Comparative Research on Ancient States in East Asia

Suhong Chae | Researcher | | Cultural Anthropology | Vietnamese labor politics, Southeast Asian culture

Gi Yeon Koo | HK Research Professor | | Cultural Anthropology | Psychological anthropology, Iranian youth, Muslim women, New media, Islam

Ilhong Ko | HK Research Professor | | Korean Prehistoric Archaeology | Ancient Migration and Trade, North Korean Archaeology

Jin Cheon | HK Research Professor | | Modern Chinese Literature | East Asian modern knowledge and academism, Comparative ideologies, Visual culture

Jongseok Yoon | HK Research Professor | | Sociology | Migration and citizenship, Social transformation, Political sociology, Historical sociology, Industry and labor relations, Developmentalism and political economy

Joohyun Lee | HK Research Professor | | Ancient Chinese History | Rise and development of empires in China, Ancient-medieval Chinese relationship to Korea

Jungwon Huh | HK Research Professor | | Social Welfare | Mobility and transnationalism, Inequality, Evidence-based practice, Data visualization and story-telling, Data Science

Kyunghee Choi | HK Research Professor | | Political Science | Indonesian regional studies, ASEAN community and Korea-ASEAN relation studies, Southeast Asian Islam and the political economy of Islamic finances

Minjae Zoh | HK Research Professor | | Archaeology, Cultural Heritage | UNESCO, Intangible/tangible Museums, Political cultural heritage

Minyong Lee | HK Research Professor | | History | 19th-century U.S. history, Western U.S., Race, Asian immigration history, Maritime traffic, American Imperialism, “Pacific World/s”

Misuk Lee | HK Research Professor | | Classical Japanese Literature | Premodern Japanese literature and culture, Cultural exchanges of ancient Japan and East Asia

Woo Jin Shim | HK Research Professor | | Geography | GIS, Big data, Spatial modelling