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Future Earth Program

#Future Earth  #SDGs of Korean Peninsula  #KANs (Knowledge Action Networks)  #System Science  #Visioneering

Future Earth Program (FEP) was established to embody in Korea and SNU the international research network Future Earth (circa 2012) that aims to respond to various challenges faced by humanity and present a sustainable vision of future. From 2019, SNUAC hosts the office of Future Earth’s Korean committee. By strengthening a convergence and research cooperation between social and natural sciences, FEP provides research and educational platform to develop theories and models for enhancing the sustainability of the Korean peninsula and Asia as well as to expand the network among interested parties.

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • Visioneering of sustainability: Engineering with a vision of a healthy ecological-societal systems (HESS) for the Korean peninsula and Asia and constructing a regional hub in the Asia Pacific
  • Developing theories and models of sustainability: Presenting theories and models of sustainable governance, maintenance and monitoring of the cycle of material, energy and information based on complex systems science
  • Forming an international network and research cooperation: Building networks and partnerships among interested parties
  • Consilient research: Held a series of round-table talks, “Quo Vadis, Humanity”
  • Civil society cooperation project: Exchanging and cooperating with local civil society for enhanced sustainability on a regional basis


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Joon Kim | Director | | Agro-meteorology | Complex systems, Sustainability

Eunhui Eom | Co-Researcher | | Geography | Southeast Asian studies, Environmental geography

Jihyun Yoon | Co-Researcher | | Food and Nutrition | Sustainable nutrition, Korean food issue

Soonchang Yoon | Co-Researcher | | Atmospheric Science | Future Earth, Climate change