Asia Review Vol.3 | No.2 | 2014

Editor’s note | Chung-si Ahn


Special Issue: History and Culture

The Sekai and Korea: The Japanese Progressive Intellectuals and the Postwar “Tradition of Belief” | Sang-il Han

Ocean & Territorial Dispute on Northeast Asia:? Focusing on Dokdo and Senkaku Problem | Hee Sik Choi

Boundaries and Beyond Boundaries: Quemoy, as Seen from the Perspective of East Asia | Bo-Wei Chiang


Regional and Thematic Issues of Asian Studies

Tracking the Academic Trends in Malaysian Studies in Korea | Hyung-Jong Kim

Myanmar Studies in Korea: Trends and Challenges | Yoon Ah Oh

Turkish Literature: Research Trends and Translations in Korea | Nan A Lee


A Field Research Report

Disputes over History in Northeast Asia: A Field Research Report | Chung-Si Ahn


Book Review

Keun Lee et al., Catching up, Forging ahead, and Falling behind of the Nations | Hyeog Ug Kwonk
Young Nam Cho, The Chinese Dream: Xi Jinping’s Leadership and China’s Future | Sung Heung Chun