Asia Review Vol.2 | No.1 | 2012

Editor’s note | Chung-si Ahn 


Special Issue: Korea and the Shifting Global Order II

A Theoretical Review of the Prospects for U.S.-China-Japan Relations: Balance-of-Threat/Threat Transition Theories as Integrative Approaches | Wookhee Shin 

Crisis of Europe\’s Multicultural Societies and European Integration | Jinwoo Choi 

Re-emerging Russia and Northeast Asia | Duckjoon Chang


Regional and Thematic Issues of Asian Studies

Dependant Area Studies and Emic Perspectives | Kyung-soo Chun 

Research Trends of Central Asian Studies in Korea | Guho Eom 

Re-thinking Korean Developmental State: A Path-dependency Approach | Suk-Man Hwang 


Special Issue: Issues of Contemporary Australian Society

Understanding the Australian Federal system: Its History and Characteristics | Won Taek Kang 

The Boundaries of ‘Australians’: The Birth of Australian National Identity and Its Changes | Bumsoo Kim


Book Review

Glenn D. Paige and Chung-Si Ahn, eds., Nonkilling Korea: Six Culture Exploration | Dae-Hwa Chung

Hyug Baeg Im, Korean Democracy since 1987: Three Kims Era and After | Chan Wook Park