Asia Review Vol.1 | No.2 | 2012

Editor’s note | Chung-si Ahn


Special Issue: Korea and the Shifting Global OrderⅠ

Asian Philosophy as Paradigm of New Civilzation | Ynhui Park

Global Transformation, the Rise of Asia, and the Role of South Korea | Hyun-Chin Lim

China\’s Law Dissemination Campaign and Ruling Elites | Young Nam Cho

Changes in the Economic Relation between the U.S. and China: With a Focus on their Policies regarding Southeast Asia | Jong-Kil Kim 

International Political Aspect of the Euro-Zone: A Critique of the Collapse-Down Scenario | Byoung-Inn Bai


Research Article

Ialamic Finance of Malaysia: Changing Consumers\’ Preference | Hee-Ryang Ra 


Book Review

Jae Ho Chung, The Rise of China and the Future of the Korean Peninsula | Sang-Jin Han

Cheol-Hee Park, LDP Regime and Changes in the Postwar Japanese Political System | Young-June Park 

Where does European Union head for? | Nam-Kook Kim