Asia Review Vol.12 | No.1 | 2022

Asia Review Vol.12 | No.1 | 2022

Can Korean Society Let Muslim Migrants and Refugees Live Among Us?

“Dangerous Muslim Men” and “Special Contributors”: The Complicity between Global Humanitarian Politics and Post-9/11 Regime | EuyRyung Jun 

Racism in Disguise: Islamophobia and Daegu Daruleeman Islamic Mosque | Joowon YukㆍSohoon Yi 

The International Norms of Women’s Human Rights and Feministic Trends in the Islamic Region: Focusing on Cases of Afghanistan and Iran | Gi Yeon Koo 


Asian Transformations and Futures: Imagining Alternative Futures in West Asia 

Memories of Tomorrow: The Modern Relevance of the Mu‘tazilah in the Writings of Aḥmad Amīn (1886–1954) | Alena Kulinich 

 Jalal Al-e Ahmad’s Gharbzadegi and the Spirit of Bandung: A Decolonial Reimagination of Development in Mid-Twentieth Century Iran | Siavash Saffari 


Free Themes

Enhancing Asian University Education via Writing, Peer-Assessment, and Discussion | Jooyong ParkㆍSoongHee Han 

China’s Governmentality and the Economic and Political Differentiation of Public Hospitals | Woojong Moon 

Overcoming Post-revolution’s ‘Unconscious of Thought’: A Dialogue with Revolution/Post-Revolution: Reflection on the History, Thoughts and Culture of China’s Rise by Zhaotian He | Jiwoon Baik 

The Historical Dimension of French Asian Studies: EFEO’s Origin and Research Activities | Dae-yeong Youn 

Southern Korean Peninsula and East Asia: Centering on the Distribution of Wang Mang’s Coin | Ji Hee Kim  

The Stance of the U.S. toward Repatriation of Koreans in Japan to North Korea in Early 1959 | Yeo Rin Kang 

The Idea of Upright Writing (zhíbǐ, 直筆)’ in Joseon Historiography | Jihye Song 

A Comparative Study on the Perception of Presidents Syngman Rhee and Chung-hee Park to the Hierarchy of Korea-U.S.-Japan Relations: Focusing on the Difference in Perception of Japan | Jiwon Yoon 

The Marriage Migration Regime of Vietnamese Women in South Korea: Evolving Roles of Governments, Matchmakers, and Migrants | Thi My Hang Bui 

Nostalgia for the Maoist Era or for the Cold War? An Exploration of Third Front Workers’ Privileged Experiences in the Cold War Context | Sanjiao Tang 


Book Reviews

북·중·러 접경지대의 소지역주의와 초국경 이동에 대한 이해 신범식 엮음, 고가영·김민환·박철현·방일권·세르게이 세바스티야노프· 이애리아·이창호·이화·조영관·허명철 지음, 『북·중·러 접경지대를 둘러싼 소지역주의 전략과 초국경 이동』 (도서출판 이조, 2020) 을 읽고 | 이창주 

팬데믹 이후 동남아 지역학 연구의 새로운 지평을 기대하며 전제성·김희숙 엮음, 『코로나 19에 맞서는 동남아시아: 국가별 초기 대응과 초국적 협력에 관한 연구』 (전북대학교 동남아연구소, 2021) 를 읽고 | 채현정