What Will Social Scientists Do When They Encounter Bigdata?

  • Thusday, 27 June, 2019, 14:00-17:00


Message of Invitation


Korea Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA) is holding the 7th Data Fair on the topic, “What Will Social Scientists Do When They Encounter Bigdata?” on June 27th.

It seems that the emergence of bigdata carries not only expectation as a new source of research but also frustration when being put into use in Social Science. We will be able to confirm how much bigdata can contribute to research in Social Science by collecting knowledge on bigdata and going through research experiences. Thus, KOSSDA has prepared an opportunity to share this.

The first session summarizes basic research methods, necessary for social scientific researches that use bigdata, and the second session introduces cases that use different types of bigdata. Tips for using and analyzing bigdata, including ways to use bigdata, overlapped points with traditional social science data, and difficulties of using bigdata and what to watch for, etc., will be shared through these sessions.

I hope that this Data Fair, held by KOSSDA, will be a starting point for a pleasant meeting between social scientists and bigdata. Also, I hope that those who are interested in using bigdata in their research will participate at this fair.


June, 2019

President of Korea Social Science Data Archive, Seoul National University Asia Center

Jaeyeol Yee