Asia Review Vol.2 | No.2 | 2013

Editor’s note | Chung-si Ahn


Special Issue: Korea and the Shifting Global Order III

The Shifting Center of Christianity and the Theology of Tao | Heup Young Kim

The State-initiated Development of Bioscience and the Emergence of Biocitizenship in East Asian Countries | Kiheung Kim

Reviewing the Discourses of International Order Shift and China’s Foreign Policy Strategies: Based on Domestic Debates within China | Aekyung Kim

Standard Competition as a Hegemony Competition in World Politics: U.S. Hegemony, Japan’s Frustration, and China’s Challenge | Sangbae Kim


Regional and Thematic Issues of Asian Studies

Korean Research Trends in African Studies | Wonbin Cho

Issues and Trends in Latin American Studies in Korea | Uk Heon Hong