Asia Review Vol.4 | No.2 | 2015

Asia: The Shared Issues

Social Quality, Competition, and Happiness | Jaeyeol Yee

Creativity in East Asian Countries | Cheongtag Kim


East Asia and Future Korea in the Gabo Year 1984 and 2014

An East Asian Dream? 1894 and 2014 in Power Transition | Yul Sohn

The Transformation of the East Asian Political Order and Korea’s Response of 1894 | Sungbae Kim

The Significance of 1894~1895 Gabo Reform within the Korean Political History and its Present-day Implications: With a Focus on the Achievements, Limitations, and Issues of the Coalition Cabinet of Kim Hong-jip and Bak Yeong-hyo | Hyun Chul Kim

Japan as Number One (or Two): The American Preference for Japan in the East Asian Order, 1894~2014 | Bruce Cumings

Reflections on the Significance of the First Sino-Japanese War (1894) for China and Its Neighbors | Debin Liu


Research Article

China’s Central Asian Strategy and Economic Cooperation between China and Kazakhstan | Yevgeniy Khon and Beom-Shik Shin

A Study of Opinion Poll Survey on Japanese Perceptions of Territorial Disputes: With a Focus on Southwestern Regions of Japan | Mikyoung Kim

The Cultural Cold War and Study-Abroad Orientation Films: The GARIOA Scholars from Japan and Okinawa under the US Military Occupation | Yuka Tsuchiya


Book Review I. New Books

Tessa Morris-Suzuki, Morris Low, Leonid Petrov and Timothy Y. Tsu, et al., East Asia Beyond the History Wars: Confronting the Ghosts of Violence | Chung-Si Ahn

Emiko Ochiai and Leo Aoi Hosoya, Transformation of the Intimate and the Public in Asian Modernity | Chan-Sook Hong

Prasenjit Duara, The Crisis of Global Modernity: Asian Traditions and a Sustainable Future | Young-han Cho

Prasenjit Duara, The Crisis of Global Modernity: Asian Traditions and a Sustainable Future | SangJun Kim