Asia Review Vol.10 | No.2 | 2020

Asia Review Vol.10 | No.2 | 2020

World System, East Asia, and Korea: In Honor of I. Wallerstein

21st Century Civilizational Crisis and the World-System Analysis: Immanuel Wallerstein’s Comparative-Historical Perspective | Hyun-Chin Lim and Jin-Ho Jang

Changes on the Asian Order of the Interstate System in the Era of US Hegemony Building | Seung-wook Baek

Changing World System and Ari-food Systems from a Food Regime Perspective | Chul-Kyoo Kim

World-Ecology and the Concrete Totality of Historical Capitalism: Evolution of the World-Systems Analysis | Kwangkun Lee


Free Themes

Recent Recall of Sanskrit and Ambedkar: Language as a Framing Element of Politics in India and the Reconstruction of Ancient History | Sung Yong Kang

Escaping from the Culture of Terror: Modern Taiwanese History and the Mnemonic Site | Yungjin Lee

Why Does Inequality Increase in China?: Reexamination of the State’s Developmental Strategy, Social Institutions and Political Economic Perspectives | Xiaomei Zhang and Yun Tae Kim

Korean Language Education Curriculum in Mongolia’s Education System: The 23rd School | Batbyamba Alt ai and Garam Kim

The Structural Characteristics and Changes in Scientific Collaboration Networks of North Korea and China: A Triple Helix Approach | Jungwon Yoon 

Book Review

Achievements and Tasks of Reform in China: A New Path with Chinese Characteristics? | Jung-a Chang

The Heritage of Chinese Ancient Cities Rediscovered and Reconstructed Now and Here | Myung-Ki Cho 

Discrimination and Resistance in Nepali Society: Focusing on Ethnicity, Caste, and Locality | Kyunghak Kim

The Merits and Demerits of the Concept “Yellow Pacific”: Viewed from the Perspective of “Core Location” | Yeoung-Seo Baik

The Paradox of Care: Bo Kyeong Seo, Eliciting Care: Health and Power in Northern Thailand, University of Wisconsin Press, 2020 | Jieun Kim