Asia Review Vol.10 | No.1 | 2020

Free Themes

Ancient Burials and Funerary Practices of Inland Southeast Asia – Kwon Ohyoung and Choi Young Eun

A Comparative Analysis of Developmental Pathway and the Role of the State in East Asia – Moon-Gi Suh

China’s Cyber Security Strategy and Its Application to North Korea: Identity and Perception – Chaorum Park and Seungchan Boo 

A Study on Geopolitics of Land Connectivity and Maritime Dispute between China and Vietnam: Exploring the Strategic Common Denominator for China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)’ & Vietnam’s ‘Two Corridors, One Belt’ – Jung Hye Young

Cross-strait Marriage and the Emergence of ‘Mainland Spouse’: Focusing on the Differentiation by Migration Period – Kyungyun Moon

Diplomacy of South and North Korea towards ‘Neutral Countries’ during the 1950’s – Domin Kim 

An Analysis on Kazakhstan Power Succession in 2019: Institutionalization of Power Duopoly – Dowon Yun 

Book Review

Southeast Asian Studies in Korea: Achievements, Limits, and Tasks – Jae Hyeok Shin

The Legacy of Soviet Union: The Balance between Islam and Nationalism, and Tardy Democratization – Jaewon Jeong

Read Meiji Revolution and the Emergence of the Political Culture of the Literati from a Maruyama Masao’s Perspective – Taejin Kim