Asia Review Vol.4 | No.1 | 2014

Editor’s note | Chung-si Ahn


Keynote Presentations

The Agenda of Asian Studies in the Anthropocene | Prasenjit Duara

A Critical Reflection of the Transnational:Toward a New Imagination of the East Asian Ocean | Myungkoo Kang


Special Issues

Rethinking the Donghak Peasant Revolution at the Museum of the Sino-Japanese War: Conceptualizing the 1894 Northeast Asian War | Keunsik Jung

Early Korean Immigrants and Hawaii’s Multiculturalism, 1903-1959 | Duk Hee Lee Murabayashi

Review of Korean Studies on Cambodia and Laos: Trends and Issues | Mi Kyeng Jeong


Research Article

A Comparative Study on the Korean and Japanese Childcare Systems | Hyoun-Gu Kang and Soon-Hyung Yi


Book Review I. New Books

Oh Seung Kwon et als., A Study on Vietnam’s Transition in “International Development Cooperation and Law” Context | Hyowon Lee

Hyun-Chin Lim and Suk-Ki Kong, A Distorted Mirror of Globalization: Scoping Out Korean Alternatives | Euiiyoung Kim

Hannes B. Mosler, The Abolishment of Party Chapters and the Idling Political Reforms | Hoon Jaung


Book Review II. Literature Review on Central Asian Studies

Imperial Russian Expansion into Central Asia and Changes in Russia’s Attitude towards Islam | SeungJo Yang

Civil Society in Central Asia: Global Economy Based on Neoliberalism, Authoritarian State, and Civil Society during the Period of Transition | Jaewon Chung

Ethnic Conflicts in Central Asia: The Shadow of the Osh Events in Kyrgyzstan in June 1990 | Tae Yon Kim