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Program on Quality of Life

#Inequality in Asia  #Children’s Quality of Life  #Poverty in Asia  #Gender Discrimination in Asia  #East Asian Comparative Studies

While economic growth is achieved and poverty issues are solved with accelerated industrialization, Asian countries now face aggravated inequality. Meanwhile, Asian countries including Korea show comparatively low quality of life and level of happiness. The Program on Quality of Life constructs a research hub to conduct research on the Asian inequality and quality of Asian life to pursue joint research among Asian scholars of related subjects and to procure a place of communication to activate exchanges. Ultimately, the program seeks to resolve the issues of inequality and deterioration of quality of life in Asian countries by searching for institutional measures in social welfare policy.

Main Projects and Research Topics

  • Comparative research on poverty/inequality in East Asia: Promoting a book project that examines the situation and causes of poverty and inequality with four East Asian countries such as Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan as major subjects and conducts a comparative analysis
    of difference from Western countries
  • Joint research on Asian inequality: Pursuing the collaborative research that follows Oxfam’s project, “Getting Even: Public policies to tackle inequality in Asia” (Bloomsbury Publishing)
  • Research on the motherhood penalty in East Asia: Using Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) Wave IX to compare the motherhood penalty in East Asian countries such as Taiwan and Korea to those of Western welfare states (Germany, U.S., Finland)
  • Research on Asian children’s quality of life: Using the 2nd wave data from Children’s World to conduct a comparative research on the risks that threaten the quality of life for children in 16 countries
  • Research on children’s quality of life and time use: Studying the correlation between time-use types of children and their quality of life, with specific analysis of differences in gender and time-use types



Inhoe Ku | Director | | Social Welfare Studies | Poverty and inequality, Social policy

Ji Young Kang | Co-Researcher | | Social Welfare Studies | Work and family compatibility, Social policy effectiveness analysis

Joan P. Yoo | Co-Researcher | | Social Welfare Studies | Child welfare, Child development and health, Medical social welfare

Yoonsun Han | Co-Researcher | | Social Welfare Studies | Adolescent welfare, Multicultural families

Wonjin Lee | Co-Researcher | | Social Welfare Studies | Poverty and inequality, Income guarantee in old age