[News] Asia-Africa Center Visits FEU in the Philippines for Academic Exchanges

Asia-Africa Center (Directed by Prof. Taekyoon Kim, GSIS) was invited to visit the Far Eastern University (FEU) in the Philippines from November 8th to 12th, 2023.

On the morning of November 9th, the faculty members of the Asia-Africa Center and FEU paid a visit to Mr. Sanghwa Lee, the Korean Ambassador to the Philippines, affirmed the passionate interest to Hallyu in the Philippines, and discussed future measures of cooperation. In the afternoon, Director Taekyoon Kim held a workshop on SDGs and ESG with the topic “Value of Sustainability in Research”, intended for the faculty members of FEU. On the morning of November 10th, Joonhwa Cho (Research Fellow, SNUAC) of Asia-Africa Center conducted a benchmarking workshop for the faculty members of FEU, introducing the establishment of SNUAC, its research background, and partnership, and then discussed plans for future cooperation. In the afternoon of the same day, Director Taekyoon Kim gave a public speech on “Sustainability and Resilience from South Korea’s Perspective”, as part of the FEU BAIS Development Lecture Series (DLS).

Through this visit, the center prepared the basis for future cooperation between SNUAC and FEU and promised continued relations through active exchanges.