Meso-Neo Rice Workshop

  • Date: November 26th, Saturday, 2022, 17:00 – 20:00
  • Online via Zoom [in English]

The Meso-Neo Rice Project, supported by the Asia Centre, wishes to invite you to an online workshop to discuss rice domestication and early use in a Pan-Asian context. The informal worksho brings together specialists from around the world to debate the future of ancient rice studies in a Pan-Asian context.
The goal is to discuss the current state of the various themes in early rice use/domestication in India, China, Japan and Korea. Debates will range from why, how and when people first used rice, to discussions around identification methodologies (e.g.: indica/japonica/aus and domesticated/wild morphometrics), radiocarbon chronologies and data coverage, how ethnographic, ethnobotanical, and newer scientific (e.g.: aDNA) data can be used alongside traditional macrobotanicals. The workshop aims to bring together people who are actively working and thinking about this topic with different view points to see where we have reached on the subject of early rice use/domestication in India, China, Japan and Korea and identify how we move forwards, where the new questions are, and what we do next.

Prof Jennifer Bates (SNU), Prof Vikas Kumar and Prof Ravindra N Singh (Banaras Hindu University), Prof Dorian Fuller (UCL), Dr Chris Stevens (University of Cambridge), Prof Kim Minkoo (Choonam National University), and Dr Shinya Shoda (Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties) will present their current thoughts and projects in progress, and the workshop will be attended by Prof Rakesh Tewari (Archaeological Survey of India, retired).

The workshop welcomes attendance from all interested in the topic to join our discussions.

This workshop is supported by the SNU Asia Centre’s Grant 0448A-20210070 “Meso-Rice: testing the early rice domestication hypothesis in the Ganges Mesolithic and Neolithic”


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Passcode: 827955