DMZ Carbon Neutrality for Sustainable Development of North Korea and the Korean Peninsula

  • Date: November 28th, Monday, 2022, 14:00 – 17:30
  • Location: Samick Hall (Room 220), SNUAC (Bldg. 101)

This symposium consists of presentations and discussions by experts on how the carbon neutrality measures in the DMZ areas to deal with climate change can be applied to sustainability for North Korea and the Korean peninsula.

Time Duration Content Note
13:30~14:00 30‘ Registration
14:00~14:15 20‘ Opening ceremony Emcee : Taeyoon Kim (SNUAC)
· Opening speech and introduction of guests (5 min.) SooJin Park (Director, SNUAC)
· Welcome speech (5 min.) Chairperson, Council of Border Cities and Districts
· Congratulatory remarks (5 min.) Beomsoo Kim (Deputy Director, IPUS, SNU)
14:15~14:20 5‘ Photoshoot
14:20~14:50 30‘ Keynote speech
· Theme: DMZ Development Strategy in a Transitional Era
– Carbon neutrality, digital & transborder governance
Junghoon Lee (Gyeonggi Research Institute)
14:50~15:00 10‘ Break
15:00~16:20 80‘ Thematic presentations Emcee: Beomsoo Kim (Deputy Director, IPUS, SNU)
· Theme 1: Strategies for Pursuing Border Areas-DMZ Carbon Neutrality Jaekyung Ko (Gyeonggi Research Institute)
· Theme 2: The Political Ecology of Carbon Neutrality in the Korean Peninsula Jintae Hwang (Korea Institute for National Unification)
· Theme 3: North Korea’s Carbon Neutrality and Forest Cooperation Raehyun Kim (National Institute of Forest Science)
· Theme 4: Biodiversity and Response to Climate Crisis in the Korean Peninsula Soojung Myung (Korea Environment Institute)
16:30~16:40 10‘ Break
16:40~17:30 50‘ Panel discussion
<Moderator> SooJin Park (Director, SNUAC)<Panels> Changseok Park (Korea Environment Institute)

Yilsoon Paek (SNUAC)

Yoosoon An (Institute for Korean Regional Studies, SNU)

Suk-kyong Shim (Vice-Chairperson, The MAB National Committee of ROK, UNESCO)

17:30~17:35 5‘ Closing ceremony