The History of Transport and Mobilities in East Asia

  • Date: September 23rd, Friday, 2022 13:00 – 18:00
  • Location: Youngone Hall (Room 210), SNUAC (Bldg. 101)

Joint Academic Conference of SNUAC Northeast Asia Center (NEAC) & The Manchurian Studies Association

The History of Transport and Mobilities in East Asia

Registration & opening ceremony: 13:00~13:20

Emcee: Haenam Park (SNU)
Opening remarks: Hanyong Song (President, The Manchurian Studies Association, Chonnam Nat’l Univ.)
Welcome speech: Baek Yung Kim (Director, NEAC, SNUAC)


Session 1 – Experience of Mobilities: 13:20~15:20

Moderator: Baek Yung Kim (SNU)

  • Imagined Geography of Jainichi Seen Through the Repatriate Narrative of Koreans in Sakhalin: Focusing on Lee Hoe-Seong’s Traveler During Hundred Years
    Presenter: Eun Ae Jang (Kookmin Univ.) / Discussant: Haenam Park (SNU)
  • Northeast Asian Tourism in the State of War: From ‘Tourism of Colonial Korean and Manchuria’ to ‘East Asia Tourism’
    Presenter: Jung Woo Cho (Kyung Nam Univ.) / Discussant: Chunhua Qian (Soongshil Univ.)
  • North Korea-China Relations Seen Through Tourism: Focusing on the ADS Appointment in 2009
    Presenter: Han Gyu Kim (Korean Tourism Organization) / Discussant: SoonJick Hong (SNU)

Session 2 – The History of Transport: 15:30~17:30

Moderator: Hwytak Yoon (Hankyong Nat’l Univ.)

  • Land Transport Route in Manchuria During Ming and Qing Dynasties
    Presenter: Hiroshi Todoroki (Ritsumeikan Univ.) / Discussant: Euihyun Nam (Kangwon Nat’l Univ.)
  • Competition of Japan and Russia Around the East Asian Railways
    Presenter: Ji Hwan Kim (Incheon Nat’l Univ.) / Discussant: Dong Jin Lee (Kyungpook Nat’l Univ.)
  • Socialist Reform of Dalian Locomotive & Rolling Stock Company: Heritage of Manchukuo and New China
    Presenter: Chulhyun Park (Kookmin Univ.) / Discussant: Woo Park (Hansung Univ.)