International Workshop on History of Postwar Asia: Searching for “Postwar” Asia

  • Date: July 7th, Thursday, 2022, 9:00 – 16:30
  • Location: Youngone Hall (Room 210), SNUAC (Bldg. 101) [in English]

The HK+ Research Project Group is holding an international academic conference jointly with Stanford University to discuss the history of Asia in the post-Cold War period. The conference will overview Asian history after the Cold War with the phenomena of violence and migration in focus in order to study the history of Mega-Asia.

1st Session – Cold War Refugees I: China, Korea, and Vietnam

Moderator: Heonik Kwon (SNUAC)

Presentations: Dominic Meng-Hsuan Yang (University of Missouri at Columbia)
Yumi Moon (Stanford)
Phi-Vân Nguyen (Université de Saint-Bonaface)

Discussant: Songha Joo (Zhejiang University)
Daeyoung Yoon (SNUAC)

2nd Session – Cold War Refugees II: Afghanistan and Pakistan

Moderator: Sungyong Kang (SNUAC)

Presentations: Robert D. Crews (Stanford)
Ijlal Muzaffar (Rhode Island School of Design)

Discussant: Jihyang Jang (The Asan Institute)

3rd Session – Searching for Postwar Asia

Moderator: Yong-Chool Ha (University of Washington)

Presentations: Robert D. Crews (Stanford)
Yumi Moon (Stanford)
Aishwary Kumar (Stanford)
Minjae Jo (SNUAC)

Discussant: Hakjae Kim (SNU IPUS)
Hyunkyung Lee (HUFS)