Paradigm and Partnership for Sustainable Smart Cities in India

  • Date: June 22nd, Wednesday, 2022 15:00 – 16:00
  • Location: Room 303, SNUAC (Bldg. 101) / Online via Zoom

For exchange and cooperation with India, the international society is focusing on India’s smart city policy. India’s Modi administration has been pursuing the smart city mission that develops 100 smart cities all over the country since June 2015. This is for solving the various urban problems such as lack of housing, environmental and hygienic issues, traffic jams, and disaster problems, and enhancing the economy and quality of life.
For India’s smart city project to increase its effect, there needs to be a smart city paradigm fitting India’s conditions that meets UN’s SDGs and India’s economic and social realities. This paradigm promotes sustainable development that the UN emphasizes, and at the same time can operate as a virtuous cyclic development system that can achieve both the economic growth and enhancement of quality of life that smart city development pursues. Through a sustainable smart city project and the construction of a knowledge platform, a practical partnership between Korea and India could be accomplished.

Presenter: Yangho Park (Former Director of Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements)