Identity Diplomacy and Security Strategies: On the implication of Korea’s modernization in the history of civilization

  • Date: November 8th, Monday, 2021 15:00 – 17:00
  • Location: Youngone Hall (Room 210), SNUAC (Bldg. 101) / Online via YouTube

Speaker: Yong-Chool Ha (Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Social Science, University of Washington)

Where does Korea’s modernization stand? What are its meanings in world history and Asia? This lecture seeks the implication of Korea’s modernization in terms of security, based on the answers to these two questions. By defining the essence of Korea’s modernization as late industrialization and comparing its characteristics through comparison with Germany, the Soviet Union, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore, this lecture will determine the domestic and international uniqueness of Korea’s modernization. This lecture will examine the process of accomplishing Korean modernization and its implications to China, Japan, and the U.S., and thus suggest the starting point in the direction for Korea’s diplomatic strategies.