The Origins and Dynamics of Border Formation in Central Asia

  • Date: October 15th, Friday, 2021 13:00 – 18:10
  • Online via Zoom

Opening remarks: Beomshik Shin (Deputy Director of SNUAC) / Emcee: Hyosup Kim
Session 1 The Origin and Process of Border Formation in Central Asia / Emcee: Ayoung Choi
13:00~14:45  Comparing methods of Russian Empire’s colonization in Central Asia by region in late 19C to early 20C: focusing on administrative sections and governing methods (Seung-Jo Yang, Department of History, Soongsil University)
 Central Asian national movement and border formation in late 19C to early 20C: focusing on Jadidism (Jae-Won Jeong, Department of Eurasia, Kookmin University)
 The borderline demarcation process of Central Asian republics at the time of forming the Soviet Union and its influence (Ga-Young Ko, Research Institute of History and Culture, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
Discussion: Gwangtae Lee (HUFS), Jajeong Koo (Daejeon University), Youngsam Hwang (HUFS)
14:45-15:00 Break
Session 2 The Process of Demarcation and Policy After the Independence of Central Asia / Emcee: Jae-Won Jeong
15:00~16:45  Establishing borders of Central Asian countries: inheritance, challenge, cooperation (Beomshik Shin, Department Political Science and International Relations, SNU)
 An analysis of demarcation of China and three Central Asian countries after the fall of Soviet Union: focusing on conflict regions, international and domestic backgrounds (Chulhyun Park, Institute of Chinese Literature and Social Studies, Kookmin University)
 Border policy of Central Asian countries after independence (Hyosup Kim, Center for Eurasian and Central Asian Studies, SNU)
Discussion: Sunrae Kim (HUFS), Joonmo Woo (Sunmoon University), Jieun Lee (HUFS)
16:45-17:00 Break
Session 3 Demarcation and Identity (Borders and National Identity) / Emcee: Seung-Jo Yang
17:00~18:10  The border of history and cultural heritage in history textbooks of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan (Ah-Young Choi, Eurasia Research Institute, Hanshin University)
 Central Asian demarcation of national borders and identity in the Soviet Union era (Se-Jin Jeong, Hanyang University Asia Pacific Regional Research Center)
Discussion: Dongki Sung (Inha University), Bong-gu Kang (Hanyang University)