Global Asia: The Future of Capitalist Development and Post-Developmental States

  • Author: Hyun-Chin Lim, Moon-Gi Suh, Sang Woo Yoon, Suk-Man Hwang
  • Publication Date: August / 2021
  • Publisher: SNU Press

Diagnosing the future landscapes of Asian Capitalism and the Developmental States

East Asia, in its efforts to place itself as a new leader in 21st-century social development in the international landscape, faces systematic social conflicts at the same time. Why is developmentalism, which is called an efficient system based on the highest productivity in history, causing so many side effects including social polarization? Following the first research result of this development research project, Global Paradox (2016), this book examines the origins and development of Asian Capitalism and developmental states and the identity and characteristics of post-developmentalism in order to diagnose the future of Asian social development. Further, it analyzes how the developmental route influenced the social development of this region in the process of globalization. Based on this analysis, the book derives common factors of Asia’s future development and suggests a new paradigm of development.



Hyun-Chin Lim

Professor Emeritus at Dept. of Sociology, Seoul National University. Full member of the National Academy of Sciences. President of East Asian Sociological Association (EASA). Graduated from the Dept. of Sociology at SNU and received his Ph.D. in sociology from Harvard. He has served as the director of SNUAC, Dean of SNU College of Social Science, Dean of SNU Faculty of Liberal Education, Chairman of the Academy of Korean Studies, and presidents of Korean Sociological Association, Korean Association of Political Sociology, Korean Association of NGO Studies, Korean Association of International Development and Cooperation, National Council of Deans of Social Science, Korean Social Science Research Council, and has been selected as ‘National Scholar’ in humanities and social science by the Ministry of Education. His interests are in social developmental theory, political sociology, and comparative sociology.

Moon-Gi Suh
Professor at Dept. of Information Sociology and Dean of College of Social Science at Soongsil University. Graduated from the Dept. of Sociology at SNU and received his Ph.D. in sociology from Brown University. Worked as a Senior Associate Member at the graduate school of Oxford, UK. He has served as the director of Soongsil University’s Social Science Research Institute and on the board of the Korean Sociological Association, Korean Association of Information Sociology, and Korean Social Science Research Council. He is the recipient of many distinguished awards including the Korean Honor Scholar, the Incheon Memorial Fellow, and the Maekyung-Bit Fellow as well as the Best Teacher Award. His interests are social developmental theory, information sociology, and social policy.

Sang Woo Yoon
Associate Professor at Dept. of Sociology, Dong-A University. He received his degrees at the Dept. of Sociology at Korea University and worked as a post-doc researcher at Washington University, lecturer at Hallyn University, and research professor at Korea University. His interests are in social developmental theory, comparative political economics, and East Asian studies. His most recent research projects are on the comparative studies of neo-liberalism and changes in capitalism in a globalized society.

Suk-Man Hwang
Professor at Dept. of Sociology, Changwon University. He received his B.A. and M.A in sociology from Yonsei University and Ph.D. from the University of Illinois — Chicago. He has worked as a research fellow at FKTU Research Center and currently works on research projects on labor-management relations in Korea, the development state, and Asian capitalism.