Call for Applications: The 14th Cohort of SNUAC Research Internship

“Call for Applications for 2021 SNUAC Research Internship: Your Future Start Here”

The 14th Cohort of SNUAC Research Internship



SNUAC is running an internship program in which the participants can receive education in Asian studies and have hands-on experience in research. The purpose of the internship is to cultivate the abilities of future scholars and professionals of Asian studies through training and education. With this aim, the professors and researchers of SNUAC give lectures on different fields of Asian studies and educate the interns on basic procedures and administrative tasks by offering hands-on experience in ongoing research. The research interns are undergraduate and graduate students from diverse majors, who share the common interest in “Asia.” During the internship, the interns will participate in various seminars and assist in different programs and departments of SNUAC. While participating in the education and training programs, the interns will build a sound network by hosting social events and going on field studies to historical sites related to Asian studies.



A. Education on the Asian regions and themes (Asian Studies)

– Learn about Asian studies research focusing on SNUAC research outcomes via small lectures.

– Lecture Topics :

  • Diverse Asia (the past·present·future of Central Asia, South Asia: the world with a map made of languages, Muslims of Southeast Asia, strike and cultural politics of post-Socialist Vietnam)
  • Looking at Asia through Themes (environmental cooperation in Asia, Korea in the 21st century, Northeast Asian politics and the future of Korean peninsula, changes and understanding the US-China relationship, cities in East Asia, studying Asia via tides and relationships, the Asian world connected by seas, a political-administrative system seen through Singapore’s value system, Asia’s poverty and inequality, Asian Future Earth and socio-ecological system visioneering, the Covid-19 pandemic and international development cooperation, etc.)

– Short essays (A4 1 page) will be written after Asian studies lectures

B. Training on research and administration

– Opportunities for research work through assignment at a SNUAC research program or regional center

  • Northeast Asia Center, Southeast Asia Center, Center for Eurasian and Central Asian Studies, West Asia Center, Center for South Asian Studies, Center for Asian Urban Societies,  KOSSDA, Civil Society and NGOs Program, Program on US-China Relations, Quality of Life Program, Future Earth Program
  • Editorial assistant for DiverseAsia (webzine)
  • Class assistant at HKProject Team’s Regional Humanities Center
  • Data collection and DB construction related to Asia at Regional Humanities Center

C. Networking program for research interns

– Small group seminars (twice a month) / online seminars due to the COVID-19 situation

– On-site survey (once a month) / subject to change according to the COVID-19 situation

D. Program to improve academic skills

– Writing a research paper, mentoring and granting an excellent dissertation award


Internship Duration

March 2021 – September 2021 (6 months)

Number of Openings

Approximately 15 interns will be selected for the 14th cohort


A. Monthly activity allowance of 200,000 KRW.
B. The interns receive awards based on the decision of the SNUAC committee at the completion ceremony.


A. Domestic and international undergraduate and graduate students interested in Asian studies research.
(Undergraduate student need to have completed more than four semesters of their coursework)
B. Open to all majors and nationalities.
(Non-Korean nationals must be able to understand lectures in Korean)
C. Only candidates available to work over 20 hours/week will be selected. (※ Mandatory to work for 8 hours on Fridays.)
– To participate in Asian studies lectures on Fridays (online lectures following the COVID-19 situation)

Required Documents

A. Coverletter and resume (Please refer to the attached form)
[Research Internship Application Form]-> Please click to download the forms.
Save the file as ‘[14th Research Internship]_Name’
B. Other documents demonstrating the candidate’s abilities such as certificates and awards (copies are accepted).
C. Documents other than the coverletter and resume should be compressed as .zip files.
D. University enrollment certificate (mandatory).
Graduates should submit their degree certificates.

Application Process

A. Application Deadline: By 24:00 Friday, February 5, 2021
B. Please send applications via email to
C. Inquiries
– E-mail:
– Tel: 010-9293-3948

Important Dates

A. Document Screening: Successful candidates who passed document screening will be individually contacted in mid-February.
B. Internship Interview: Expected in the last week of February.
C. Final Announcement: Expected at the end of February (the selected interns will be individually contacted after the interview).