Announcing the 2019 SNUAC Dissertation Award Recipients

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 SNUAC Dissertation Award.
A total of 56 doctoral and master’s dissertations were submitted and four dissertations were selected which are listed as below.


  • Taehee Yoon (School of Management, Shandong University)
    The Party Organization in Private Sector and State-Private Entrepreneur Relations in Reform Era China: Focusing on the case of the party organization for migrant private entrepreneurs in Beijing
  • Do Thanh Thao Mien (Dept. of History, The Grad. School, Ewha Womans University)
    Korea-Vietnam Relations during the Vietnam War


  • Kyung Min Kim (Dept. of Anthropology, The Grad. School of Social Sciences, SNU)
    Boundary-crossings of Migrant Brides in Northern Vietnam: A case study on ‘Bride school’ program of a Korean NGO in Hanoi
  • Yan Li (Dept. of Law, The Grad. School, SNU)
    Gap-Filling of the CISG in South Korean Courts: With a focus on the Supplementary Application of Chinese Law and Interpretation of Chinese Courts


SNUAC expresses gratitude to all the applicants and congratulates the four 2019 SNUAC Dissertation Award recipients.