Asia Review Vol.9 | No.1 | 2019

Free Themes

Where Is My “Homeland”?: Diaspora Politics of Koryo˘in of Central Asia | Bumsoo Kim
Belt and Road Initiative and Response of Central Asian Countries: An Opportunity for Economic Revival | Young Jin Kim
Economic Growth and Diversification Strategy in Kazakhstan | Sang Won Kim 
An Analysis on Mirziyoyev’s Way to Strengthen His Power in Uzbekistan: Power-Sharing Theory of Authoritarianism | Dong Ki Sung
Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s Search for Regime Security and Policy Changes | Kangsuk Kim


The Strategic Use of Historial Memory and Rising Instability in East Asia II

The 2015 Comfort Women Agreement and the Two-Level Security Dilemma of Korea-Japan Relations | Wookhee Shin
The Transition of History Policy under the Abe Cabinet: Hidden Historical Revisionism and Highlighted International Universality | Junghwan Lee
The Role of Formative Events in American Citizens’ Attitudes toward Japan’s War Apologies | Kiyoung Chang
The Combination of the North Korean Nuclear Weapons Program and the Memories of Colonialization of the Korean Peninsula: Formation of Nuclear Nationalism in North Korea | Choongkoo Lee


Citizen Preferences and the Welfare State in East Asia

Economic Optimism and Welfare Attitudes: The Case of East Asian Democracies | Hyeok Yong Kwon and Jennifer Hyunkyung Lee
Comparing Preference for Redistribution in East Asian Advanced Democracies | Miongsei Kang
Asian Values, Institutional Trust and Welfare Attitude: Three East Asian Democracies | Woojin Kang


Book Review

Asia’s Mobile Innovation Meets Global Value Chain | Moon-Gi Suh
Geo-body and the Birth of Modern Siam | Kyungeun Park
The Anthropological Investigation on Commemoration of Kamikaze Soldiers and Politics of Mourning in Post-war Japan | Seok-Joon Hong
Networking of Asian Studies by a Network-Based View | Young-Long Kim
From ‘Imagination’ to ‘Fact’ | Taekkyung Kim