East Asia and International Political Thought

  • Date & Time : Saturday, 6 July, 2019, 10:00-18:00
  • Place : Yuongwon Hall (2F), SNUAC (Bldg#101)
  • Organizer : SNUAC

Korean and Japanese Society for Political Thought Conference 2019

Registration 10:00~10:30

Opening Address: Chang Hyun-geun (President of Korean Society for Political Thought, Yong In University)

Congratulatory Address : Kawade Yosiye (川出良枝, 東京大学)


Session Ⅰ Ideals and Reality of International Relations 10:30~12:00

Host: Park Eui Kyung


川出良枝 (Tokyo University)Peace by the United Nations: Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Thought on International Order

小田英 (Leiden University) Christian Thoughts in Modern East Asia: Valignano’s Theory on Church and State

Lee Ha Kyoung (Seoul National University) Historical Record Corrections during the Chosŏn Period from the point of Historical Reconciliation

Debate: Ki Yoojung / Kim Bongjin / Ando Yusuke


Lunch 12:00~13:30


Session Ⅱ Bordering and Crossing between Nations 13:30~15:00

Host: Matsuda Koichiro


安藤裕介 (立教大学) A Cosmopolitan and also a Patriot? – Construction of International Order by Physiocrats

馬路智仁(東京大学)Multilateralism that crosses the borders of the early 20th Century ― Beyond Oceanic History of Thought

Kim Bongjin(北九州大学)Japan’s Byeonghakjuk Modernismand Hukujawa Yukichi’s Thought on International Politics

Debate: Lee Ha Kyoung / Jung Hoon / Matsumoto Masakazu


Session Ⅲ Conflicts among Nations and Academic Struggle 15:30~17:00

Host: Kawade


Ki Yoojung (Seoul National University) Debate on the Landscape of International Politics in the Early Cold War by Academia and Cracks in ethnic (nations) Theory

Jung Hoon (Waseda University) Crisis of a Orderly Society by Rawls

Debate: Baji Tomohito/ Okubo Takeharu/ Oh Seunghee


Integrative Debate 17:00~18:00


Dinner 18:00~20:00