Global Capitalism and Culture in East Asia

  • Author: Jonghoe Yang & Hyun-Chin Lim
  • Publication Date: July / 2019
  • Publisher: Baiksan

East Asian region has been experiencing more than three decades of economic growth until mid-1990s when economic crisis swept over the whole region. The unexpected economic crisis and subsequent neo-liberal reform have transformed the East Asian capitalist economy into a more globalized capitalism and changed its culture to a more cosmopolitan one. We should remember, however, that these changes occur not in a vacuum, but under the historical constraints of pre-capitalist socio-cultural formations, colonialism, capitalist development, and globalization. One of the important consequences of globalized capitalism in East Asia is “a massive shift in the cultural makeup” in the region. In fact, there has been capitalism’s cultural turn involving a complex set of inter-relationship among the economy, the state and culture.

Each chapter in this book explores a more specific set of issues regarding this tripartite relationship in East Asia. The papers in this volume encompass a wide range of issue areas, cases and methodologies, which would open up new research agenda as well as new insights on this important topic.