Asia Review Vol.8 | No.2 | 2019

Free Themes

Inter-Asia Identity of Chinese Residents in South Korea: Focusing on Their Perspectives of China, Taiwan and South Korea | I-Hsuan Beng and Younghan Cho

Special Border Economic Zones in Thailand and Economic Integration of the Mekong Region | Eunhui Eom

Deciding Together: Citizen Participation in planning the Neighbourhood Improvement in Seoul and Singapore | Blaž KRIŽNIK, CHO Im Sik, and KIM Su 


Moving beyond the “Silkroad”: The Channels of Cultural Exchange in and around the Korean Peninsula

Crafts Production at Trade Ports, Hubs of Civilization Exchange | Ilhong Ko

Introduction to the Restoration of Silla’s ‘Bukyotong Street’ | Todoroki Hiroshi

The Formation of Japanese Civilization and Acceptance Formation of Foreign Civilization: Shosoin and Kentoushi, Monogatari of the Heian Period | Misuk Lee

The East-West Trade through the Steppe Roads in Qara-Qorum Relics of theMongol Empire | Kyongna Kim

Transfer of Tantric Buddhism Across Maritime Silk Road of India and Southeast Asia Between 7th-9th Century | Jaekwan Shim


Book Review

Wookhee Shin, International Politics of Triangular Relationship: China, Japan and the Korean Peninsula, A Review of International Politics of Triangular Relationships: China, Japan, and the Korean Peninsula | Kun Young Park

Oh, Myung-Seok and Yoo, Chang Jo (eds.) Consumption Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia: Taste, Beauty, Space and Halal, In Search of the Cultural Context of Consumption in Southeast Asia | Je Seong Jeon

Hyeon Jung Lee and Taewoo Kim (eds.), Medicine and Modernities in Asia: Anthropological Perspectives, A Journey to Read Modernity in Medicine Jae-Mahn Shim