Five SNUAC Books Receive the 2018 National Academy of Sciences’ Outstanding Book Prize

The below SNUAC Books have received the 2018 National Academy of Science’s Outstanding Book Prize:

1. A Study on the Joint-Investigations of the Korea-China Borders in the 1880s / Hyoung-chong Kim / SNUPRESS
2. Making Their Own Public: Emotion and Self among the Urban Iranian Youth / Gi Yeon Koo / SNUPRESS
3. Medicine and Modernities in Asia: Anthropological Perspectives / Hyeon Jung Lee, Taewoo Kim eds. / SNUPRESS
4. Consumption Culture in Indonesia and Malaysia: Taste, Beauty, Space, and Halal / Myung-Seok Oh, Chang-Jo Yoo eds. / Zininzin
5. Imagining International Society in East Asia: International Political Thought of Korean Intellectuals / In-Sung Jang / SNUPRESS