Asia Review Vol.8 | No.1 | 2018

Free Themes

Library as a Venue for Writing a New Intellectual History: An Analysis of the French Orientalist Book Collection in the Keijo– Imperial University Library | Yun Kyoung Kwon

Generation or Class: Research on Family Values in Korea and Japan | Suk Eun, Seung Jae An, Sunyu Ham, and Beag Eui Hong 

Elderly Welfare Policies and Structural Exclusion of Aged Peasants in Reform China | Hyeon Jung Lee

Reformation Measures for the Chinese Preschool Education System and Its Development Trends | Xiaohua Li 

The Analysis of the Trends in Global Research Related to ASEAN | Sunhee Kim


The Strategic Use of Historical Memory and Rising Instability in East Asia

Two-Level Security Dilemma of Korea-Japan Relations: The Case of Lee Myungbak Government | Wookhee Shin 

Ishihara Shintaro and Japan’s Domestic Politics of Nationalizing the Senkaku Islands in 2012 | Junghwan Lee 

A Study of the Japanese Public and Political Elites’ Attitudes toward the Prime Minister’s Controversial Visits to the Yasukuni Shrine | Kiyoung Chang

IChina’s Use of Hostile Memories of Japan and its Influencing Factors: Focusing on the Sino-Japanese War and the Chinese-Japanese War | Choongkoo Lee 


Enemies Inside and Outside: Hate Speech in Korea and Japan

Hate Speech against Immigrants in Korea: A Text Mining Analysis of Comments on News about Foreign Migrant Workers and Korean Chinese Residents | In-Jin Yoon, Ki-Duk Han, and HeeSang Kim 

The Grammar of Japanese Racialized Discourse in Hate-Korea Books | Yuko Kawai 

Japan’s Right-wing YouTubers: Finding a Niche in an Environment of Increased Censorship | Jeffrey James Hall 


Book Review

Book Review of In-sung Jang’s Imagining International Society in East Asia (2017) | Sang-gyu Kang

Where does Iran go? Review on Koo, Ki Yeon’s Making Their Own Public: Emotion and Self among the Urban Iranian Youth | Ikran Eum 

Earthquake Disaster Prevention as a Collective Experiment of Cosmopolitics | Hwansuk Kim