Future Earth and the Sustainability of Unified Korea: Fourth Colloquium


  • Date & Time: Tuesday, 4 September, 2018, 16:00-18:00
  • Place: International Conference Room(#303), SNUAC(Bldg#101)
  • Speakers:
    Professor Seungsik Hwang (Grad. School of Public Health, Seoul National Univ.)
    Professor Junho Song (Civil &Environmental Engineering, Seoul National Univ.)
  • Organizer: SNUAC
  • Sponsor: SNU Ins’t for Peace & Unification Studies
  • Inquiry: Eunhui Eom / +82-2-880-2098  / likemoon@snu.ac.kr


Sustainability has become humanity’s most important goal. Comprehensive and global disaster management for the sustainability of unified Korean peninsula is in need.  SNU Institute for Peace and Unification Studies and SNUAC have co-organized the colloquium ‘Future Earth and the Sustainability of Unified Korea’ to facilitate understanding of the ‘Future Earth’ researchers based on the agreement signed during the Rio +20,  as well as establishing their global collaboration networks. The colloquium aims to build the Knowledge Action Network (KAN) in order to fulfill the sustainability goals and also to establish the Future Earth program at SNU that undertakes innovative research.