A History of the Russian Far East

  • Author: SeungJo Yang (transl.)
  • Publication Date: March / 2018
  • Publisher: Zininzin

A History of the Russian Far East, a textbook published by Far Eastern Federal University was translated and was published as part of the SNUAC Modern Asian History Series. The book introduces the history of the Far Eastern Federal District from the period before the eastward sweep of Russia to the current times after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The book examines the processes of politics, economic, religion, and ethnicity during the historical course of the Far Eastern Federal District. The ancient medieval history is depicted from a neutral stance as the region is different from the three Northeastern Provinces which are the center of the historical dispute between Korea and China. Nonetheless, the book is unique in that the 17th Century history is described from the Russian viewpoint. Russia lost the status of a superpower after the Cold War, but is still dreaming about the glory of the Eurasian Empire, and better understanding of Russia, a country with influential power on the international relations between the Northeast Asian countries, is nevertheless needed. The book hopes to help to correct the imbalance in the Korean society caused by the bias towards the U.S. and Japan by illustrating Russian history from an official perspective.