Asia Review Vol.7 | No.2 | 2018

Free Themes

Determinants of Corruption Perceptions: A Comparative Analysis of Asian Experiences | Moon-Gi Suh

The Evolution and Transformation of Chinese Development Model: From Developmental State to State Capitalism? | Sang-Woo Yoon 

Domestic Audience Versus International Audience: The Sino-American Conflict over Human Rights | Kiyoung Chang 

An Analysis on 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election with a Focus on the Issues of Blasphemy, Post-truth, and Identity Politics | Jihyouk Lee 

A Study on Harbin Orchestra’s Japanese Tour and the Kyungsung Concert During the Second Sino-Japanese War (1939) | Kyungboon Lee 


Imperial University Existed in a Colonized Society and Derivative Appropriation: Explanations and Analysis on the Western Orientalism Collection of The Keijo Imperial University Library

The Long shadow of German Historicism: An Analysis of the German Historical Literature Possessed by the Keijo Imperial University Library | Soo-Hyun Mun 

French Orientalism and the Birth of the Extrême-Orient: The Networks of Intellectual History Involved in the French Orientalist Book Collection in the Keijoˉ Imperial University Library | Yun Kyoung Kwon 

The Characteristics of the British and Japanese Oriental Studies Reflected in the History Books in English of the Keijo Imperial University Library | Young Hwi Yoon 


Book Review

Watanabe Hiroshi, A History of Japanese Political Thought, 1600-1901 | Bulran You