Making Their Own Public: Emotion and Self among the Urban Iranian Youth

  • Author: Gi Yeon Koo
  • Publication Date: March / 2017
  • Publisher: SNUPRESS

『Making Their Own Public: Emotion and Self among the Urban Iranian Youth』addresses the question of how today’s Iranian youth or so-called the third generation develop the self amidst the traditional emotion structure in Iran and the Islamic regime’s control on emotional expressions. Iran’s young generation become Shia Muslim since birth and they are continuously raised as Muslim children through education and socialization. Nevertheless, the Iranian youth has been recognized as the revolutionary generation which the current regime cautions against. The young generation who are the beneficiary of globalization continuously constructs new cultural phenomena and they actively demand social changes, creating their own world. This book’s emphasis is on the Iranian youth’s position in their country, their relationship with the traditional values, their social realities and psychological issues, and their differing self-representations in the public and private areas by examining the lives of the urban middle-high class youth.