Living with Disasters: Collective Experimentation Preparing for a Great Earthquake in Japanese Disaster Research

  • Author: Kangwon Lee
  • Publication Date: March / 2017
  • Publisher: SNUPRESS

『Living with Disasters』 is an ethnographic account of the collective experimentation preparing for great earthquake in Japanese disaster research and it allows the readers to gauge on how Japanese disaster research has prepared for natural disasters through anthropological eyes. This book focused on the experiments conducted ‘between’ disasters and their processes instead of focusing on the ‘before’ and ‘after’ experiments. The realm this book portrays is in ‘process’ as it is ‘not yet orderly, but also not in chaos’. Interestingly, such examination of the ‘realm in process’ allows us to observe how people survive through disasters. This book illustrates how anthropological ethnography can contribute to collective experimentation and moreover for preparing against disasters in detail. Additionally, this will provide a methodological insight to anthropologists and other researchers in need of theoretical structures.