Asia Review Vol.6 | No.2 | 2017

Free Themes

The Life History of the Elderly and Familial Changes in Seoul and Nagoya: Traces of Formation and Demise of the Modern Family Embedded in Life Histories| Keong-Suk Park

Where is the Social Economy for Community of Japan Going in East Asia?: The Challenges of Japan| Byegong-Ro Kang

The Unfolding of the Transnational Adoption Systems of the Three Asian Countries, China, Korea, and Taiwan | JeongJun Park


Global Capitalism and Culture in East Asia

The Cultural Contradiction of State Neoliberalism in China | Alvin Y. So and Yin-Wah Chu

East Asian Rivalry, Digital Media and Proximate Enemies in Japan | Koichi Iwabuchi

Silent Resistance in Malaysia: Changing Mindsets as a Form of New Radical Politics | Beng Lan Gohe


Tourism in Asia II: Travelling Asia and Geographical Imaginaries

Chinese Tourists and Their Gaze and Travel Experiences in Korea | Myungkoo Kang and Eun Young Nam

Japanese Tourists and the Restructuring of Seoul: Focusing on the Developments in the Gangnam Area | Sungmin Kim

The Development of International Tourism Space in Terms of Cumulative Causation Theory: Tourist Experiences in China | Yucheng Liang


Southeast Asian Studies Review

Thai Studies in Korea: Trends and Issues | Hongkoo Kim and Miji Lee


Book Review

Euiyoung Kim, Miura Hiroki, Korea, Japan and China’s Social Economy Mapping | Yong Ho Kim

Hatano Setsuko, Yi Kwang-su, meets Japan | Chongko Choi