Asia Review Vol.7 | No.1 | 2017

Free Themes

North Korea and the North Korean Nuclear Issue as Reflected in the Chinese On-line Debate Forum | Jeong Hoon Lee 

North Korea, the Public Enemy, Should Be Destroyed! Dissolving Conventional Wisdom Related to the US-Korea Joint Military Drills | Sung Hae Kim and Min Kyeong Kim

The Communication and Translation of Korean Modern Literature in China: Evolution and Reflection | Heyun Sun and Zhiqiang Liu 

Formation and Dissolution of Soviet Style Universities and One Perspective to Understand North Korean Universities

The Workers’ Faculty in Soviet Model Universities | Ingrid Miethe

Transplantation and Dilution of the Soviet Type University Model in North Korea | Keunsik Jung, Yoonae Kim, and Sujin Lim 

Implantation and Dismantling of Soviet Model University in East Germany | Hong Bae Lim

The Dissemination and Separation of Soviet Higher Education Model in China | Meihua Cai


Southeast Asian Studies Review

ASEAN Studies in Korea: Exploring “ASEAN Studies?” | Hyung-Jong Kim