Connected Asia: An Intellectual Map of Flows and Relations

  • Authors: Jaeyeol Yee, Hyun-Chin Lim ed.
  • Publication Date: August / 2016
  • Publisher: Zininzin

An outcome of a project initiated by SNUAC, 『Connected Asia: An Intellectual Map of Flows and Relations』 is a collection of studies by outstanding scholars in different disciplines—geography, international politics, economic development, social psychology, cultural anthropology, etc.—who examine Asia focusing on intra-regional relations, such as movements of people and goods between different areas. The emphasis on “connected” in the title stems from the scholars’ desire to overcome the substantialist understanding of Asia by individual country and promote the relational view of the region through human and object flows. Such a view allows them to approach the problem of identity and boundaries, the structure of opportunities and constraints, the trends of interdependence and homogenization, as well as the question of integration agent from multiple angles.