Asian Innovation and World Economic Order

  • Authors: Jeehyong Park, Deokgeun An, Seokbae Lee, Jihong Lee
  • Publication Date: August / 2016
  • Publisher: SNUPRESS

One of the biggest issues expected to emerge in the transformation process of global economic order in the future is the conflict of interests between advanced countries and developing countries and its mitigation as the center of innovation and creativity is shifting to Asia. The patent litigation between Apple and Samsung as well as the efforts of advanced countries to check the ascent of Chinese IT company Huawei are indicators of this conflict of interests. The purpose of creative and innovative activities is to develop new knowledge, culture, and technology, and the nature of their outcomes is such that they can easily extend beyond national borders to the entire world. This book approaches Asia from the perspective of transnational studies and examines innovation and creative activities in the region with the objectives of offering a new conceptualization of transformations in the global economic order and thereby showing a direction for changing the existing research paradigm. Given its analysis of transformations in the Asian and global economic order and assessment of reorganization of the latter with a focus on Asia, the book is expected to become a significant milestone in the field.