Emerging Asia in the Changing World

  • Author: Hyun-Chin Lim
  • Publication Date: April / 2016
  • Publisher: SNUPRESS

The first book of the SNUAC Open Lecture series, 『Emerging Asia in the Changing World』 discusses a way for coexistence in Asia through negotiations and exchanges between Korea, China, and Jaan. Furthermore, the author examines the question of changes in the status of the US and China in the world economy and international politics by interviewing two prominent scholars, one from China and the other from the US. The conflict of opinions is intriguing; Prof. Angang Hu believes that China will surpass the US and achieve the hegemonic position in the world whereas Prof. Charles A. Kupchan insists that American hegemony will persist for a considerable amount of time. The author discusses the current and future roles of Korea in these circumstances and points out that to perform a key role in the region; Korea needs to concentrate its efforts on exchanges and cooperation at the government and private levels. Finally, the book offers an outlook on the ways the Sino-American rivalry and situation in Northeast Asia(Korea, China, and Japan) will unfold in the future.