Asia Review Vol.5 | No.2 | 2016

Capitalism and Capitalisms in Asia: Origin, Communality, and Diversity

Formation and Development of Capitalism in the Modernization of East Asia: An Alternative Theoretical Explication | Kim Kyong-Dong

Exploring 21st Century Capitalisms and Asia: The Impact of Financialization | Glenn Morgan

Financial Liberalization and Transformation in the East Asian Development Model | Hyungkee Kim

State Neoliberalism: The Chinese Road to Capitalism in Comparative Perspective | Alvin Y. So and Yin-Wah Chu

Does Ownership Really Matter?: The Role of Foreign Investors in Corporate Governance in Japan | Hideaki Miyajima, Takaaki Hoda, and Ryo Ogawa

Beyond Predatory Productivism?: The Political Economy of Welfare Capitalism in Post-New Order Indonesia | Andrew Rosser and Maryke van Diermen


Cold War II: Europe and East Asia

Korea’s Centrality to the Cold War | Bruce Cumings

Peace and Solidarity in East Asian Cold War Islands | Keunsik Jung

400 Year History of Ryukyu/Okinawa and the East China Sea: A Bird’s Eye View | Gavan McComack

Okinawa’s Historical Experiences and “Anti-military” Ideals of Peace | Tsuneo Namihira

Europe-Asian Arc of Crisis: KAL 007, Euro-missiles and the War Scare of 1983 | Bernd Greiner

The Politics of Security: British and West German Protests against Nuclear Weapons and the Early Cold War | Holger Nehring


Special Lecture: 70 Years Since Independence and 50 years of Diplomatic Relations: A New Look at Korea-Japan Relations

How to establish a closer relationship between Japan and Korea | Yukio Hatoyama (Former Prime Minister of Japan)

Hatoyama Lecture: Discussion and Q & A