Global Paradox: Challenges and Tasks of Asia

  • Authors: Hyun-Chin Lim, Moongi Suh, Sangwoo Yoon
  • Publication Date: February / 2016
  • Publisher: SNUPRESS

In the past century, the West took the lead in development through globalization, whereas developing countries were trained to follow the trajectory suggested by the West. Today, however, many countries are paying the price of such way of development, thereby striving to move beyond the previous framework of development. There have been increasing voices for substantial changes, as neoliberalism disclosed capitalist dilemmas, which made it necessary to reconsider the relations between the state, market, and civil society. This book consists of eleven chapters each of which is based on a comparative analysis of various states. Moving beyond debates on diversity of capitalisms, this book enables readers to understand the present issues and challenges facing with Asia, via discussions on alternative development models beyond globalization and anti-globalization.